Kojo Learning Environment

Welcome to the exciting world of Kojo. Kojo is a fun and friendly graphical environment for playing with and understanding many different things. You can think of Kojo as:

A Gym - where you can exercise your mind.
A Studio – where you can create paintings.
A Lab – where you can experiment with mathematical and scientific ideas.
Why would you want to work with Kojo?

To practice and develop your logical thinking skills - by learning and doing computer programming.
To practice and develop your creative thinking skills - by creating beautiful paintings using geometric shapes.
To get better at Maths:
By developing the kind of thinking skills required by Maths (which are very similar to the thinking skills required by computer programming).
By using computer programs to create mathematical objects, thereby understanding them better.
By interacting and experimenting with Mathematical concepts inside a Virtual Lab.
To gain a deeper understanding of computers, and to become proficient at using them.
To get started with Kojo:

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